Learning Programs

Our repertoire of Learning and Development programs address broad areas of organizational and individual learning and development needs across multiple industry segments.


The Learning Programs offered by us find applications in the following broad areas:

Group Problem Solving | Strategic Planning & Execution | Leadership and Management Development | Team Identity and Team Building | New Product Development | Operational Improvement | Scenario Development & Testing | Visioning | Values Clarification | Change Management | Conflict Management | Sales Productivity Enhancement | Market Entry | Employee Induction |


All our programs are experiential in nature and led by experienced facilitators. The methods used depend on the learning needs of individual organizations, and involves learning through  visual, auditory and kinesthetic skills; probing; exploring relationships and connections between people and their world; observing dynamics; story-making; group physical activities; and use of business simulation programs.


Being experiential in nature, the outcomes of our learning programs are discernible and lead to significant improvements in business performance. Some of the acknowledged learning outcomes include but not limited to the following:

Establishing a shared vision, Building commitment to reach shared goals, Fast-tracking to the real issues, Accelerating innovation, Finding hidden opportunities, Discovering answers present in the system, and many more.