The Epiphany and the Rebirth of Ziggy

Ziggy woke up with a start. It felt strange, and he felt light. Light enough to soar high up in the sky. He had never felt like this since childhood. He had crossed his fiftieth year of his existence recently. It was as if the biggest burden he was carrying had been suddenly yanked away by an unseen hand. He darted towards the window in his bedroom, and pushed the curtains aside. For the first time in many years he “looked” at the sky through the green foliage of the trees outside. The breeze caressed his cheeks. The blueness of the sky was accentuated by the greenery of the trees. He felt welcomed, and ready to blossom after all the years of feeling unfulfilled, empty and hopeless.

He knew intuitively that he had experienced an epiphany. He remembered the Voice clearly. It was firm yet filled with warmth. Of the one who protects. It whispered “Do not hold back. You have been living a lie so long, and suffering. Your past achievements are of no consequence. Just be yourself. Open your heart, and let your REAL self out. The world needs your unbounded love.

For the first time, he felt a sense of calmness descending upon him, of being loved unconditionally, of feeling whole and unbroken, of being one with the universe. No choices and no decision to be made. The tears started flowing from his cloudy eyes, initially in trickles, and then it rained like a cloudburst. All the years of bottled up frustrations were finding a release. He wept uncontrollably. When it was over, he looked out the window. The earth was wet, the breeze was gentle and cool, and the leaves shed the residual raindrops. He looked up and was captivated by the magnificence of the rainbow. The earth smelled fresh and renewed.

It was as if the universe was rejoicing with him.

He felt as if he was reborn. Everything was new and fresh.Rebirth