Freedom and the Burden of Knowledge

REAL learning and knowledge is LIBERATING. It makes the person UNBOUND and FREE.  It is intensely PERSONAL. It is based on One’s OWN DIRECT EXPERIENCE. REAL learning and knowledge is in the PRESENT. It is CONTINUOUS, and NEVER ENDING.

When the sole purpose of education is to:

Conform to the society, Merely acquire a job, Provide continuity of what has been and, Live in meaningless abstractions…

The past knowledge, which is merely old hand-me-down information that one is compelled to take in,  becomes an unbearable burden, and we are enslaved within a system from which there seems to be no escape.

Has the knowledge that you have unwittingly, painfully, and expensively acquired, provided you with REAL learning? Is it based on your very own direct experience? Has it liberated you from your conditioned boundaries? Has it really set you free?

What has it done to you?