Are Your Thoughts Your Ally? Or, Are You it’s Slave?

You can either drown in the relentless waves of your thoughts, or, you can surf the waves of your thoughts without drowning in them, just like a skilled surfer. A skilled surfer makes the waves her ally.

Surfing the waves of your thoughts requires total awareness, and an unbending intent. Total awareness comes with being attuned and totally observant to everything around you. An unbending intent is a special state of mind. When you surf the waves of your thoughts, you make your thoughts your ally.

In the absence of awareness and unbending intent, the relentless waves of your thoughts take over you, and you unwittingly become its slave.

Are you aware? Aware that “awareness” is the first step towards Self Mastery? Ever mindful?

Aware that you may be living a lie? Aware that reality is not what it is purported to be? Aware about the nature of your true self and the nature of reality? Always mindful of the repercussions of each and every thought and consequent action of yours on our ecosystem? Mindful of the distinction between your real needs and mere wants?

Do you question your own motives and assumptions?

Do you stop? Step back? Aware of the present moment?

Surfing Thoughts