Who is the Leader?

In a monastery lived the head – the leader – and his ten disciples. One day, the leader died, leaving behind his distraught disciples. Till the day their leader died, they were comfortable in the knowledge that as long as their leader allotted tasks to them, gave them directions, monitored and motivated them, they had nothing to worry about. They had unwittingly become his followers. Everything was good till the day the leader died.

As their initial period of grief waned, they became confused and fearful, for, they did not have anyone to turn to, to give directions and motivate them. The monastery, which was once a haven of peace turned chaotic. In desperation, the disciples decided to approach a wise old woman, who was living alone in a small hermitage, for guidance. She smiled on seeing them, for she intuitively knew why they had come to meet her.

The disciples narrated their predicament, and waited for the wise woman’s answer. The woman turned away from them, looked at the faraway horizon, and with a dismissing wave of her hand said, “One among you is the next leader”.

The disciples returned to their monastery, deep in contemplation. For the first time in many days, a sense of complete peace and harmony engulfed the monastery.

Who is the next leader of the monastery?