Who are YOU?

REAL learning and improvement is about self-awareness. It is about becoming aware of the essence of who you are. It happens by peeling away the many illusory layers of conditioned persona – masks – accumulated over time.

Just like the strong essence of an onion is revealed as we peel its layers, and in the process produce tears in our eyes, the process of becoming aware of your essence is presented to you in the multitude of collisions your masked self has with the world.

There are two ways in which you can process these collisions internally.

You process these collisions as opportunities to really know your true essence and improve. While this can be disconcerting like when we peel an onion, you will be a fully functional and actualized human being performing to your fullest potential.

Or, you process these collisions as obstacles and hindrances in your life, become tired of it, lose your sense of self-esteem and identity, which leads to additions of more illusory masks, and makes you a dysfunctional and sub-optimal human being.

When you become more aware of your REAL self – your being – you gain clarity in your life, and aligned with your work – your doing.

How much of your REAL essence are you aware of? Who are YOU?